Welcome to Murdock Editing

Murdock Editing is a personal editing and consulting company dedicated to assisting and guiding new authors through the process of publication.  As your editor, I create a supportive but honest environment, allowing my clients to improve their understanding of their readers, the publishing industry, and their own writing strengths.


My valued clients acquire perspective, expertise, and confidence in their work, knowing that they are presenting the best possible version of their manuscripts with professional, engaging proposals. Clients gain the tools they need to confidently reach, and often surpass, their publishing goals.


Please take a moment to browse through this site and explore the possibilities and resources found here. You will find full descriptions of my services and invaluable information and resources that will expand your knowledge of writing, publishing, and the opportunities available to you, the writer.


Specializations include:

  • Non-fiction, Memoir
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Romance
  • Young Adult
  • Science fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Fantasy